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This machine is of very simple and user friendly design. It consist of a chamber for tray washing . In tray washing chamber tray is located on a suitable brackets. Reciprocating motion is given to the tray, so as to expose all the surfaces of tray to spray nozzles.Tank of washing media is located below the chamber. A magnetic separator (optional), Pump and filtration system is mounted over the tank at the backside of washing chamber. Drain of washing chamber is connected to magnetic separator/OR to inlet of tank. Necessary electrical and pneumatic controls are provided at a suitable location. Flow control valves are used to regulate flow of washing media. A bypass valve is provided to bypass the flow in the tank when no washing is going on in respective chambers.

Industrial Tray Washing Machines


Tray Washing

Operator will open the door and load the tray in reciprocating bracket. After loading the tray he will close the door and will start the cycle. Once cycle is on spray will start from nozzles and tray will start reciprocating. After preset time flow will stop. Reciprocating motion will continue for some time and after cycle time is over reciprocating will stop and machine will give indication of cycle over. Operator will open the door and will remove the clean tray and put another one for washing.



The drain of washing chambers is connected to magnetic separator. Spent washing media after washing will be directed to magnetic separator. Magnetic separator will separate burr, dust from washing media and the same will be collected in separate bin, tray. Burr and dust free washing media will be collected in the tank.


5 to 10 micron filter cartridges are placed in suitable housing. High pressure pump will deliver the washing media in filter housing. Filtration will take place under pressure and filtered washing media will be sprayed on components. Thus ensuring very high degree of washing efficiency. (Millipore values up to 5mg can be achieved in valve bodies).


Tray is located in upside down position. As component is located in a fixture in a specific orientation nozzles are fixed in such a manner that it will cover all the pockets of the tray while reciprocketing . From front side nozzles fixed on door will clean the component from loading side. Nozzles are placed as close as possible to the surface of component so as to get maximum washing efficiency.


Due to high pressure of washing media and drying by compressed air lot of mist is generated inside washing chamber. When door is opened this mist will escape through the door. This can pose serious problems to operator. To avoid this Mist collector is provided on top of washing chamber.

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